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gs-jwesso is a web single sign-on solution.

jwesso stands for java web single sign-on; it has a server part, written in java, than can run on any servlet engine like tomcat, and some client libraries. (at the moment only java and php client libraries)

The java server part is a set of servlets, and a custom classloader for custom authentication methods. (included methods are jdbc authentication, but every developer can write its own authentication method)

The java client library includes a servlet filter and a tag library, the php client library is an include file with some jwesso-related functions (the sames of the java jwesso tag library).

jwesso allows you to login once only, for a set of web applications that uses the jwesso client library. every application checks if the jwesso ticket cookie is set, if not redirect to a login window, else check if the ticket is valid. if the ticket is valid the client application will run.

It's developed using java(server and client part) and php(client library), and it is released under GNU/GPL licence, version 2